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            *PROVERB:  Wise men rise above the shadow of Doubt: They acknowledge that the world of Within often mirrors that of Without.

Numerology, although not as well known or popular an art and science as Astrology, is just as credible as a language capable of helping Man decode and decipher, and therefore to understand, the “networks” of cosmic and astral energy.

Numerology is the study of energy/vibrations couched within numbers. Each letter of the modern Western Alphabet is assigned a number/vibration according to its corresponding numerical position within the alphabet. Therefore, the letter A would be (1), the letter B would be (2), the letter C would be (3), and so on.

Numerology is founded on what are called the Base Numbers. They are the numbers (1) through (9). All numbers higher than (9) are reduced by the simple procedure of adding together the digits, however many or high the original number is. For example, the number 159 would be 1+5+9 = 15, and to reduce the resulting number further to arrive at a Base Number, 1+5 = 6. Therefore, the Base Number for 159 is the number 6. So, if this is true, the letter S, the 19th letter in the alphabet, would reduce to its Base Number as follows:

1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

The number (1) would therefore be the Base vibration of the letter S. All reductions are done this way to derive the required Base Number/Vibration.


 The vibrations behind the numbers in Numerology are akin to the sound vibrations of music, each are modes of expressing energy/vibration through a systematic universal language. The elements of music are composed of units of eight called octaves. Each octave is a scale of seven individual notes, the eighth note being a higher vibration of the first, original or base note. This is similar to the concept of Base Numbers in Numerology. The Base Numbers are the carriers of the general, raw primal cosmic energies and they are universal in expression.

The numerical values of the modern Western Alphabet’s symbols are as follows:

*(These values are constants and they never change).

 Since all of Numerology ultimately comes back always to the Base Numbers, let us examine some of their main attributes. Here as follows are some of the basic characteristics of the nine Base Numbers, along with the introduction of what are called the Master Numbers, to be explained afterwards.

Base Numbers:

1: The originator, the pioneer, the explorer, the innovator, the rebel, potential,          beginnings, self – contained energy, self – sufficient, the Spirit, the Ego.

2: Polarities, balance, complimentary energies, the Sub – Conscious.

3: Harmony, ideas, idealism, creativity, expression, the Super – Conscious.

4: Matter, foundations, discipline, logic, reason, the Physical.

5: Freedom, sensation, creativity, harmony, Consciousness.

6: Astral Mind, material balance, productivity, service.

7: Spirituality, wisdom, reflection, Astral Spirit.

8: Material Strength, strength of spirit, power, material balance.

9: Comprehension, completion, wisdom, compassion, endings, the Super – Ego.

Master Numbers:

11: Mind – “Inspiration”: MENTAL MASTER.

22: Body – “Ambition”: MATERIAL MASTER.

33: Spirit – “Knowledge”: SPIRITUAL MASTER.

44: Soul – “Wisdom”: KARMIC MASTER.



Along with the Base Numbers, I have introduced what are named the Master Numbers. They contain individual significance of great import in their unreduced state. They are of special importance. They show considerable progress of evolution and they also indicate a heightened state of karma or personal consciousness, possibly a turning point in a soul’s evolution. They are also called the “Testing Vibrations” and for good reason. Their energies are quite powerful and not the easiest to handle in their higher, unreduced vibratory state. This is not to say that a soul must live up to the potent unreduced vibration, for like all number vibrations a Master Number may be lived under in its reduced state as a Base Number, but then its full potential shall remain unrealized. Most people who find a Master Number among their personal vibrations live somewhere in between the higher and lower vibratory states of them. To live totally with an activated Master Vibration as part of one’s vibratory “make – up” calls for great poise and wisdom as well as considerable amounts of energy from one’s own psyche to use in controlling these higher, more intricate vibrations. For these people, respect for these most demanding of vibrations is the key. Each number/vibration carries its own positive and negative attributes and as is the case with all energies, the vibrations behind the numbers of Numerology may be used wisely or be unwisely abused, depending upon the nature of the soul involved. Conscious awareness of the guiding forces of Numerology can prove to provide a powerful tool to those who seek to make use of their fundamental truths/energies, for whatever purpose.

Contrary to what ideas you may have, there are multiple meanings/vibrations behind every number. A number is never held to just one meaning and there are an infinite number of different shadings of meaning behind the number behind the letter(s) involved. Numerology can be applied to any word composed of letters from the modern Western Alphabet (other alphabets use other various systems of Numerology). Here I shall deal with the Personal Proper Name, for this is how to access the wealth of information which lies locked within one’s Given Birth Name. The Birthdate is also used for it also carries an important personal vibration. Here are the fifteen major Numerological categories/vibrations with their derivations and abbreviated meanings:

*DESTINY:  Full Name at Birth. – 59/5

*KEY:  Full First Name. – 25/7

*PERSONALITY:  Sum of all Consonants. – 40/4

*SOUL:  Sum of all Vowels. – 19/1

*MATURITY LESSON:  Full Middle Name. – 9

*KARMIC LESSONS:  Base Numbers lacking from Full Name. – 2, 6, 9

*LIFE PURPOSE:  Full Last Name. – 25/7

*FOUNDATION:  First Letter in First Name. – 5

*LIFE LESSON:  Total of Full Birthdate. – 26/8

*METHOD:  Day of Birth + Key Number. – 26/8

*RULING PASSION(S):  Most Prevalent Number(s) in Full Name. – 1

*SUBCONSCIOUS:  # of Missing Base Numbers subtracted from 9. – 6

*DESTINY DIRECTION:  Life Lesson + # of Sun Sign (Astrology). – 29/11/2

*KARMIC KEY:  # of Letters in Full Birth Name. – 17/(8)

*FIRST VOWEL:  First Vowel in First Name. – E/(5)


*DESTINY:  The Vibration which draws you towards Freewill.

*KEY:  Vibration needed to master for Self – Actualization.

*PERSONALITY:  Vibration of your Persona.

*SOUL:  Energy qualities of your True Self.

*MATURITY LESSON:  Testing Vibrations from age 13 thru 30 years of age.

*KARMIC LESSONS:  Vibrations needed to be incorporated thru Experience.

*LIFE PURPOSE:  Social or Spiritual goals in Life.

*FOUNDATION:  Part of Psyche which is Self supporting.

*LIFE LESSON:  Energy to be mastered in this Lifetime.

*METHOD:  Style of Approach to Life/Experiences.

*RULING PASSION:  Energies which dominate the Psyche.

*SUBCONSCIOUS:  State and level of Consciousness.

*DESTINY DIRECTION:  Fate’s experiences which guide you to Self – Actualization.

*KARMIC KEY:  Spiritual Gift to be developed and realized to reach optimum growth.

*FIRST VOWEL:  Spiritual Approach and First Impressions.




 *NOTE:  This is an example of how there may be multiple meanings/vibrations which vibrate to the same Numerological value/designation. Like many, if not all metaphysical sciences, Numerology is open – ended.


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