Astrology: Archetypes and Awareness

After the Middle Ages and the subsequent Renaissance in Europe and in the West in general came the Enlightenment and the ensuing Dawn of Reason. In many ways this heralded a resurfacing and resurgence of the intellectual accomplishments and pursuits of the Ancient Romans and especially that of the Ancient Greeks. This brought about a revival of Classical Thought and Awareness. One of the many schools of thought which enjoyed a renewed elevation of status was Astrology, along with its close cousin, Classical Mythology.

One of the main foci here is on the seven “Classical Planets”, their related archetypes and mythological figures and the resulting “Classical Awareness”. Also dealt with here are Creation and Dualism (the Yin/Yang Principle), Spirit/Soul and Karma, and three main Cosmic Concepts: the Holographic Principle, Consciousness and Primary Creation.

Dawn of Reason

Classical Planets

Classical Awareness

Creation & Dualism

Zodiac, Planets & Mythology

Spirit, Soul & Karma

Cosmic Concepts

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