Horoscope 101


            To help you better understand your Birth Chart included here is a general overview of the science and art of Natal Astrology.

            The stage or backdrop upon which the map of your Birth Chart is laid out is called the Zodiac. The origins of the modern Western 12 Sign Zodiac are literally thousands of years old. The literal Zodiac is a belt which surrounds the Earth, extending 8° above and 8° below the ecliptic making it an encompassing band 16° wide. This 360° circle contains the star-groupings or constellations which represent the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Each Sign is an equal 30° wide, which never changes, all 12 together comprising the full circle of the complete Zodiac.

            The players or participants of the Zodiac can be seen as representing or taking form in their interaction in terms of the labels: Who; What; How; Where; Why.

( When ” Belongs to a whole other branch of Astrology altogether).

Who’s Who



Moon Signs

Sun Signs

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