Creation: Nature of Consciousness

            We have all heard the phrase “totally in the dark” or the phrase “finally seen the light”. We often call an ignorant or simple person “dense” or “dull” or “dim-witted” while we often call an aware or intelligent person “bright” or “brilliant”. Consciousness is often thought of and spoken of in terms of “light” while darkness is often associated with the unconscious. Whether one is “in the dark” or is “enlightened” seems to be a matter of consciousness. For many, darkness denotes an emptiness, pregnant with potential yet lacking whereas light embodies an essence (or presence) both active and alive. Darkness is described as an absence whereas light is described as a presence. Each is a pole of a single duality, each act to define the other yet it is darkness which seems to be a shadow of the light. Darkness seems to be the passive container or receptacle for the active medium of light with the interplay between the two resulting in consciousness and the universe of shapes and forms. Taking this a step further we may say that light is Spirit/Consciousness and that darkness is Soul/Matter. The one is active/masculine in nature, the other passive/feminine. As each is part of a single polarity each can be seen and described in terms of the other. Spirit is a higher and lighter vibration of matter and matter is a lower and denser vibration of Spirit. The web which weaves spirit and matter together is the web of Time. Time allows the illusion of seeming separateness and is the medium through which all events and potentialities unfold. Time, or more precisely space-time, is the fabric or the “cosmic glue” of material existence.

As one approaches either extreme of the spirit/matter polarity a curious thing happens. Time seems to disappear. In the case of matter, such as in a black hole, matter reaches infinite density and time becomes meaningless. In the case of spirit, such as in a white singularity, we reach infinite frequency equating to infinite vibration/energy and here also time becomes meaningless. In either case we are presented with an infinitesimal one-dimensional, timeless singularity. These singularities are indivisible points beyond physical laws and limitations. They are in essence infinite “seeds” of space-time (matter) and consciousness (spirit). Each singularity is the cosmic equivalent of a collapsed wave-function so often seen in modern quantum physics, yet taken to the ultimate extreme. The realm of Soul/Matter so reduced becomes the shadowy province of potentiality, darkness and undifferentiation. In all contrast,    however, the singularity of Spirit/Consciousness shines brilliantly in an incorporeal, transcendent light. Here Consciousness displays its true nature as a ubiquitous, eternal and infinite light transcending all of space and time. The light of Consciousness is indeed truly hyperphysical and hyper-temporal beyond all boundaries and limitations. All of Consciousness exists in an infinite timeless and eternal “Now” singular yet omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

The light of pure consciousness is the infinite light of spirit whereas physical material light is finite in nature. The light of spirit is all-pervasive and yet its source lies beyond the physical universe being transcendent in essence. The light of spirit represents the true and singular eternal “Now” and is the only true reality of existence. To understand the true nature of Spirit/Light/Consciousness one must be aware of the finite nature of physical light and time.

Physical light is finite and always travels at a constant velocity. Physical time is limited in terms of light and matter/energy. Nothing physical can travel faster than the speed of light and at the speed of light time becomes meaningless as it comes to a complete and total standstill. Due to the great distances and the finite nature of physical light the stars which we see in the night sky do not appear to us as they are now but as they were long years in the past. Even the luminosity of the closest of stars takes years to reach us here on Earth. On a much smaller scale the light of our own Sun takes approximately eight minutes to reach the Earth whereas the light from our Moon takes just a fraction over one second. From these astronomical examples it is easy to see that as we gaze into the sky we are not viewing the present moment but we are actually peering into the past.

Here follows a simple mind experiment which clearly aids in illustrating the fact that consciousness is the center, source and fount of all reality. Let us begin with the number one. When you divide any quantity by itself you always end up with the number one. Therefore, the number one, divided by itself, yields the number one. Now imagine the number one divided by the number two. The result is the halving of the original whole. Now divide this half by two. Keep halving our original quantity of one. With each successive division our quantity is reduced by half. If we continued this process infinitely we would be presented with smaller and smaller resulting quantities yet we would never quite reach ultimate zero.

Now if you apply this concept of ever-reducing quantities to the finite natures of time, space and physical light you will see that no matter how minute the intervening space and distance between incoming light and one’s center of awareness there is always an intervening gap between the two. This means that no matter how immediate the incoming energy /stimuli is it always has some physical distance to travel to reach one’s center of consciousness. Therefore, due to the finite nature and velocity of physical light the vibrations, information and energies we receive are always in the past, however present or remote. Here it stands to reason that the only energy which we experience and perceive which is truly real in the ever-present and eternal “Now” is our own transcendent core of consciousness. Only when the monad of pure Consciousness is viewed in terms of its omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Self is it truly seen and understood in its true light. It is the One Light and the One Truth: the Source and the Eternal Now.

Through two prevalent scientific principles it can be seen that all of reality is in a state of intimate interconnectedness. The first is the principle of (quantum) entanglement. This principle states that matter/energy which at one time was mutually enmeshed and which interacted together remains in a state of permanent “entanglement” regardless of any physical separation or distance. The second principle is the holographic principle. In many ways the physical universe can be seen as a vast singular hologram, hence the ageless axiom “As Above, so below.” Each part of the physical universe, however minute, contains all the imprint of the whole contained intact within itself. Therefore the whole of the universe can be seen as one universal seamless and infinitely entangled web of matter, energy and consciousness. The holographic nature of the physical universe provides the medium or matrix through which the Light of Spirit/Consciousness may become manifest. The merging of masculine/spirit and feminine/soul gives rise to the physical realm of form. The light of consciousness permeates, illuminates and animates the whole of Creation and is omnipresent and omnidimensional, existing in all dimensions and within all forms.

Many of the world’s ancient traditions, religions and beliefs equate Consciousness with Love and hold that Love is the One Truth from which all life springs. To know intimately the Light of Spirit and the Beauty of Soul is to be fully conscious in the Truth of Love.



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