Man: Microcosm of Matter

*PROVERB:  To those who seek the Answers to Life Without, they would be better served to seek Truth first Within, for many times the Outer World is merely a reflection of the Inner.


Man is a Universe unto himself. He is a product of Life, just such as the stars, the planets or any other denizen of Creation. There are many comparisons which could be made between Man and his place in the Universe.

Man is Energy-in-Matter. He consists of a compilation of energies with which the Universe abounds. Man has seven “centers” of energy which both project and receive Life, they act as repositories or receptacles as well as conductors of Universal Energy. These centers are placed along the spine and they interact with the central nervous system. Base energies build up at the bottom center and when activated these energies work their way upward from the tailbone region up to the top of the head where the energy is purest, most potent and refined. This top center is aptly named the Crown. This system of energy and energy centers is called the Kundalini, it is also referred to as the Serpent Energy. The actual energy centers are called Chakras (after the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “circle”). The Seven Chakras are often each corresponded with one of the Seven Classical Planets. They are aligned, from lowest to highest, as follows: Saturn (the Base), Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun (the Crown).

The Kundalini also has three main “avenues” to travel in the conduction of this Spiritual Energy. They are the right side: the Pingala Nadi: the Masculine Force, associated with the Sun; and the left side: the Ida Nadi: the Feminine Force, associated with the Moon. The third main channel is the Sushumna Nadi: the Center, a conduit for the merging of both the Masculine and the Feminine Forces.




There are five Elements of Creation which are seated in Matter and these five elements rule within the Material Planes. The first four correspond to the four Suits of the Tarot, also with the four Elements of Astrology. They are energy incarnate, as is the fifth Element. Yet, unlike the first four elements, the fifth element is omnipresent, permeating All, connecting and binding All. The first four elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the fifth element I name Astra. They represent, respectively: Heart, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.


They are associated with these qualities as follows:


HEART:  Emotions, Convictions, Creativity, Inspiration, Courage.


BODY:  Health, Fortitude, Practicality, Endurance, Sensuality.


MIND:  Intellect, Insight, Intuition, Visualization/Imagination.


SOUL:  Empathy, Sensitivity, Resilience, Wisdom, Compassion.


SPIRIT:  Psychic Awareness/Abilities, Curiosity, Versatility, Vitality.


Man is this and much, much more and as the Age of Aquarius dawns upon us may we all fulfill ourselves and each in our own way, through curiosity, wisdom, knowledge and insight, in some way each become a Master.



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