Languages of Life

We know by now that all of Life is vibrations of one type of energy or another. Life’s energies can be deciphered through the decoding of various “languages” which have been formulated by Man over long years of evolution. Life is energy and all of energy vibrates to its own level, frequency and intensity. This distinguishes one form of energy from another.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the symbols of differing energies’ vibrations are present all around us. They have been for count of thousands of years, formulated by Man throughout his evolution. The energies of the Astral Plane and the Ethereal Plane are captured and given body in the Prime Material Plane in the form of these symbols.

In the letters of different Alphabets are found the embodiment of Life’s basic energies. In the spectrum of light, visible and higher or lower frequencies, but especially the spectrum of visible colors, can be found meaningful vibrational significance. In the “language” of mathematics each individual number carries its own discernible quality of vibration. Sound, particularly music, is all composed of vibrations of energy. All four of these examples are representations of particular “languages” of Astral Energy. The celestial energies of the bodies of our Solar System emit their own individual and collectively interacting energies which exert their influence on Humanity. These energies may also be expressed in terms of symbols used to represent the various influential interacting forces of the members of our Solar System. The science and art of deciphering the energy patterns and interactions of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets of our immediate Solar System is called Astrology. Its use has been practiced worldwide since ancient times, making it perhaps the oldest of all of the physical and metaphysical sciences. More on Astrology later, first let us delve into the science of numerical vibration called Numerology and then the body of spiritual pictorial symbolism called the Tarot.






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