AAA: Creation & Dualism

In his search for the fundamental elements of Creation and in his quest to peer into the furthest reaches of the Cosmos, Man is coming to the realization that everything is indeed relative and that both the extremes of the microcosmic and the macrocosmic just may be truly infinite, boundless and endless in scope. With the advent of modern quantum physics and quantum mechanics we now know that Creation exists within a limitless sea of potentiality forever in a state of flux, a state of shifting quasi-existence where energy morphs into matter and matter back into energy. The medium of this continuous cosmic dance is the quantum vacuum, formerly known by some as the cosmic ether. Seen in this perspective the universe seems to resemble a vast virtual reality program created by some omnipotent cosmic programmer. It has been observed by modern science that we live in a “participatory universe” and that the determining factor of all Creation is consciousness, specifically conscious interaction. In the eyes of many disciplines: religious, philosophical as well as recently in many scientific circles, all matter and energy is to some extent conscious and consciously interacts with all other matter and energy in a meaningful and interconnected manner.

Putting aside for now the matter of any ultimate original genesis or any ultimate Prime Creator of Existence, many modern scientists believe that our present universe indeed had a unique and definite moment of emergence or coming into being. In some tenets of Eastern Mysticism, particularly within Hinduism, there is a fundamental belief in the Absolute, the Void from which all of Creation sprang. For Hindus this Divine Void is in and of itself pure emptiness, a “no-place” containing “no-thing”, devoid of any and all dimension including space, time, form and matter. In the Western scientific view, however, one of the most prevalent and predominant theories of the last half-century is the theory of the initial emergence of the seed of our entire present universe from an infinitesimal point of dynamic potentiality called in astrophysical circles a singularity. According to this theory, aptly named the “Big Bang”, the entirety of our presently existing universe sprang into being from this singularity’s astronomically violent and energetic explosion and expansion. Again, the entire known and unknown expanse of our universe is the direct result of this explosion and the continued expansion begun at the moment of the Big Bang. As modern physicists trace time backwards towards the supposed birth of our universe at the conjectured Big Bang and the closer they approach the theorized point of singularity modern physics begins to lose its grip and its known laws begin to break down. Even though here we are considering measurements in time and space so infinitesimally minute that they are virtually non-existent, just before the actual theorized threshold of Creation physics fails entirely. Even the most recent and powerful of laws and theories in modern physics cannot avail in the face of infinities and a singularity such as the one presented in the Big Bang theory presupposes just such an instance of infinity. Whether one considers Eastern Mysticism or Western scientific ideology both extremes of the ideological spectrum seem to agree fairly closely upon one point, that the physical universe which we see and experience around us is somehow a conscious material manifestation of differentiated energy and matter, space and time which seems to have sprung from the Absolute, the undifferentiated timeless and eternal dimensionless womb of the Void.

However this universe came into being, whether from an undifferentiated Source, a featureless Void or an infinite dimensionless point of a singularity, one thing is certain, we live in a dualistic universe. Without this aspect of reality the universe which we live in could not exist in any meaningful way. Dualism allows for consciousness in a unique way. Without it, all would exist in an indistinguishable state of Oneness, devoid of meaning and dimension, precluding space and time and awareness itself. Duality, and therefore the basis of consciousness, consists of an infinite quantity of sets of opposites which give meaning to each other in a relative way. Each polar opposite works to define the other. Foremost of these are the polarities of space/time and energy/matter.

Perhaps the best way to grasp and understand the dual nature of existence is through the ancient Chinese concept of Yin/Yang. Yin is akin to the passive, feminine aspect of reality whereas Yang symbolizes the active, masculine principle. Each is the polar opposite of the other and yet each contains within itself the potential seed of the other. The constant flow and interplay between these two primal opposites is directly responsible for all of the manifestations within the physical universe. Put metaphysically, the Yang/Masculine/Spirit when combined with the Yin/Feminine/Soul gives birth to the temporal physical world.


Here follows a listing of a few of the most powerful and influential dualities which work to comprise, shape and to define existence:

Yin:                                               Yang:

Feminine                                      Masculine

Negative                                        Positive

Passive                                           Active

Darkness                                         Light

Soul                                              Spirit

Chaos                                            Order

Space                                             Time

Heart                                             Mind

Earth                                               Fire

Water                                               Air

Receptive                                     Projective

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