AAA: Cosmic Concepts

Lastly, there are three concepts or principles to briefly touch upon. The first of the three, the holographic principle, stands well upon its own and shall be tackled first. The following two, the ultimate nature of infinity and the conundrum of Primary Creation are closely interrelated and pair well conceptually and shall be briefly discussed together in closing.

The holographic principle is a principle based upon the concept that the universe as a whole shares or displays the properties of one vast and single hologram. A hologram is a (3) dimensional image created by the interference pattern produced by intersecting lasers focused upon a photographic plate or other photo-sensitive medium. Once developed and illuminated by another laser beam the hologram presents itself as a complete (3) dimensional image. Yet its (3) dimensionality is not a hologram’s truly remarkable feature. The true magic of a hologram lies within its “whole within a fragment” nature. If you take a fragment from a hologram you do not merely have an isolated and incomplete portion or representation of the original whole but you get a smaller yet perfectly complete and intact version of the original whole. In a very real sense, the fragment is the whole, identical and complete in every way.

If it is true as some scientists and many mystics say that the universe is akin to one vast, gigantic hologram, one vast and infinite cosmic sea, then we ourselves are not merely minuscule drops in an infinite unbounded cosmic ocean but we are each and every one of us individual reflections of the entirety of all of Creation: “As Above, so below”, indeed!

Living by all appearances in a material world, our minds are conditioned from an early age to think in concrete, finite terms. The way in which we approach and assimilate life, in general, and the world around us is in many ways extremely limited and is shaped a great deal by rigid, outmoded manners of thinking. Stringent scientific paradigms and firmly entrenched classical scientific reasoning have left little room for the vast majority of humanity to contemplate the true broader nature of existence. Truth being told, in the general scheme of things the true infinite nature of life and of the cosmos is of much lesser import to the individual than is making one’s way in the material world.

For most people the lion’s share of their personal awareness lies at the level of the personal Ego. This leaves tremendous amounts of potential personal and universal consciousness untapped and virtually inaccessible to the average person in their normal waking state of awareness. This is very much like touching the proverbial tip of the iceberg. As a result of this limited state of awareness the average person sees only a fraction of the true breadth and depth of life and reality. This narrowness of vision leads to a lack of belief in the infinite. Rather, a person is led to believe in a version of reality severely hampered by personal intellectual bias often of an unconscious or semi-conscious nature. Their way of thinking or general conception of reality simply will not afford them a genuine grasp of the true unbounded nature of life and the cosmos. Instead, things are seen in terms of possibilities, probabilities and the impossible.

So called common sense is the yardstick that we measure reality by. Yet we live in an uncommon universe where all things are possible. We often fall into the trap of thinking that just because something seems so incredibly improbable that it just is not or could not be true. Lacking clear insight into the deeper interconnectedness of all of reality, we often see things as isolated or coincidental whereas in truth all things share a deeper relationship and are pregnant with profound layers of inner meaning. Life’s seeming level of obscurity is directly proportional to a person’s present level of consciousness. Once a person opens himself up to the infinite tapestry of reality and begins to consciously perceive the vast interconnection of the threads which make up our lives and the cosmos the true richness of existence begins to manifest and to openly present itself.

We live in curious times where Western scientific thought long rooted and ensconced in rationalism is finally making strides in closing the gap in intuitive knowledge between itself and the mystical doctrines and teachings of the East. Up until now rational thinking and science has only taken us so far in our quest to understand the ultimate nature of life and the universe. However, modern theoretical science, especially quantum physics, has led to great leaps in our general understanding of the true nature of reality. Also, the merging of Jungian psychology with Western Astrology has led to great insight into the human psyche. The more arcane practice of Alchemy has made a remarkable resurgence contributing a renewed rich symbolic understanding of human nature and the symbolic quest for the Realized Self or Philosopher’s Stone. Yet as we amass and process this ever-growing body of intellectual knowledge we are coming to the realization that the human intellect can only take us just so far. As the mystics have known throughout the ages a true understanding of the infinite is beyond the human Ego’s awareness and the grasp of the rational mind. All attempts to rationalize and define infinity by the reasoning faculties ultimately fall utterly short of the mark. The only true way to approach a genuine appreciation for and a clear conception of the infinite is to embrace it with the higher intuitive aspect of the human heart.

Lastly, now we shall address the conundrum of Primary Creation, of all of life’s mysteries perhaps the greatest. We live in a cause and effect minded world where true spontaneous creation runs against the very core of our sense of reason. For the most part we derive our sense of meaning of life and the universe around us from so called concrete reasoning and tangible reality. Anything we cannot physically touch or see or at least sufficiently explain in rational terms presents a problem to many of those who live primarily in the world of reason and the five physical senses. Yet in life not all things lend themselves to definitive answers. This is the crossroads where the concepts of infinity and primary creation meet. Sheer intellect, logic and reason do not and cannot avail us when pondering these twin enigmas of existence. There are some things that the power of the human mind alone just cannot comprehend let alone explain.

This is where we must enter the realm of faith. One needs to move beyond the limitations of the intellect and make the leap into the uncertain waters of the unknown and perhaps the unknowable reality that is Life and Creation. Here is where the intuition serves us far better than any form of reason ever could. Still there looms the ages old question, “Who created Creation?” And if you answered some omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Deity, where did this Deity come from and how did S/He come into Being? These and other questions like them may never make their answers known to us, at least not while we remain within the confines of the physical, material world.

Here faith shall have to be our ultimate guide. There are those of us who thrive on the search for spiritual meaning in our lives. There are those who seek only to immerse themselves in the pursuit of material gains and pleasures in the material world. As for most of us, for the most part, we fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Yet when all is said and done, especially as the years lengthen and we come to realize that there is more to life than the pursuit of physical pleasure and the acquisition of material things, we discover our greatest comfort in the embracing of the truly infinite and mystical nature of the human spirit and the immortal human soul.



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