Humanity: Power, Personality & Ego

In this world of so many unenlightened souls caught up in the web of their own individual karma it is easy to see how the quest for true power, the purification and perfection of the Spirit, has become confused with and replaced by in so many the pursuit of personal external material power. In the vast majority of people living today it seems as if they go walking through their lives in a state of spiritual amnesia, forgetting where they came from, why they are here and what is their true purpose and ultimate destiny. They forget that they are a spark of Divine Immortal Spirit incarnated by the Will of God and not just a frail mortal bit of flesh and blood. We are all living Aspects of God.

In this spiritual dream-state which we live in, in this life of forgetfulness of the Soul, there exists a sense of vulnerability within all of us which drives us to seek or to create for ourselves a sense of inner balance and security. By many, this internal sense of security is sought after by the active pursuit of external or material power. In the course of the evolution of the Soul it is necessary for a soul to experience the full spectrum of human experience, of the human condition. Therefore there will be lives where a soul possesses or acquires considerable material power and others where it may lack it or may perhaps even be the victim of the material power of others. Negative use of such power incurs negative karma. Positive use of such power assists in the growth and evolution of the Soul. Due to this necessity for completeness every soul must experience and successfully incorporate the totality of life’s karmic lessons. All souls are fated to repeat all karmic lessons until they are fittingly learned. The abuse of power of all kinds, especially over the fortunes of others is sadly an all too common temptation for many souls. The greater the power the greater is the responsibility. Also, the greater the power involved the greater is any transgression and the greater the price or karmic debt incurred if abused. Again, all karmic lessons are repeated and repeated until they are completely and successfully learned. Until this occurs life will keep presenting to us the same trying set of circumstances under various guises until we finally and truly “get it right”.

Power, life is a struggle for it, whether it is True Power, the enlightened power of the Spirit or Transient Power, the unenlightened power of the material world. In this fragmented society populated in great part by a civilization composed of millions upon millions of individual souls mired within various states and stages of un-enlightenment, it is easy to see how the pursuit of external material power and the needs of the Ego have been confused with and in many places replaced the aspiration toward Enlightenment and the needs of the Spirit. This forgetfulness of the true nature of the Spirit, of the Soul, is what leads many souls astray and can easily and often does lead many souls to the abuse of power of all kinds. This practice can only result in the creation of negative karma of all types and forms. The pursuit of power of any kind can be dangerous, especially if approached without the proper attitude of respect. The greater the magnitude and scope of said power the greater the risk involved. Power can easily corrupt an unwary soul and there are no true shortcuts to the proper acquisition and mastery of substantial degrees and positions of power. Due to the nature of the evolution of the Soul, every soul will eventually be presented with the opportunity to acquire, come to grips with and master all kinds of power. When it is deemed by the Powers That Be that the soul is ready or that the time is right for a particular karmic lesson to be learned the opportunity shall present itself. Whether or not the soul truly learns the lesson and successfully incorporates the power, whether it is spiritual or material, etc. is the key. If not, the soul is fated to repeat the lesson until any negative karma incurred is resolved and proper ownership of said energy or power is genuinely earned.

The material world is a battleground, a tug-of-war between the realm of the Ego and the realm of the Spirit. It is a place where the Personality struggles with the Higher Self for supremacy. Central to life on the material plane is the pursuit and possession of power, material power in all of its many guises and forms. Those who possess material power work to maintain it and often to increase it while those who lack material power fight and struggle to acquire it. Indeed, although some measure of material power is necessary for physical security and stability and for the fostering of life in the physical world, the improper pursuit and use of material power only insures that negative karma will result. All abuse of power has eventual consequences. The more the heart and mind of an individual are fixated upon the pursuit and acquisition of material power the further they wander from the domain of the Spirit.

In a world dominated by the Personality and the Ego where for the most part the Spirit lies in an uneasy sleep it is no wonder that the central hub around which all life in the material realm revolves is the fount of material power. By no means is every soul intent on ruling the world. Most men and women seek merely the power to preside over their own lives, to order their own existence. Unfortunately, for many the pursuit of power can become a shameless gambit, a ruthless attempt to acquire power and mastery over others. Human society is comprised for the most part of a hierarchy separating the “haves” from the “have-nots”. This is true along many lines, most notably economic, political, military and religious lines. We live in a world where the lion’s share of material power lies in the hands of a very small concentrated percentage of the world’s population. This is a problematic state of affairs. The allure of power is a very seductive thing, especially for a soul previously unaccustomed to dealing with such a prodigious position of privilege. For a soul newly initiated into the circles of extensive material power the pitfalls are many. The impulses of the Ego and the Personality, especially the darker ones, must be reined in and tempered by the wisdom of the Spirit for the soul to properly flourish in such a position of influence.

Unfortunately, two of the words most highly indicative of human society are power and exploitation, whether exploitation of people by people or exploitation by people of the Earth’s natural resources for purposes of personal gain. This has been a sad part of the legacy of the human race since before the dawn of history and is racing toward a fever pitch in today’s modern society. Because a physical existence is necessary and must be carved out of the material realm and due to the fact that the physical world is the most readily apparent to the human mind and the physical senses the realm of the Spirit has become impoverished and fallen into neglect. This dominance of all things physical has led to a vast preoccupation with material power within our global society. The skewing of the various strata of our world’s modern society has led to the power over many resting within the hands of the relative few. The limited resources which this planet and its varying societies have to offer have been grossly unevenly distributed among the world’s general population leading to monopolies and domination of all kinds. Exploitation of the weak by the upper echelons of society has become commonplace over the years, has become virtually institutionalized into our collective culture. Many times the gains of those in positions of power come at the expense of those who comprise the lower classes of society. Material power is often fluid in nature and upward social mobility is possible, yet often this pursuit may lead to impairment of true significant spiritual development. By no means does this mean that all material aspirations are depraved, only that the proper attitude, intent and respect be held and given to oneself, to others and to the Earth herself as a living entity in her own right.

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