Humanity: Mysticism & Materiality

Because the pursuit of external material power can often be motivated by the darkness of the Soul, by fear and anger, envy and doubt, this dynamic can often reinforce or lead to the propagation of negative vibrations and manifestations of all kinds. Since we are all a part of and share to a great extent the same collective psyche, an injury or injustice done to one individual or party is in essence done in some measure to us all. In some profound way, at some deep collective level we are all One.

Thoughts, words and actions are all various forms of energy to varying degrees. To think ill of someone is to foster negative energy. To speak ill of someone is to create even greater negativity. To actually do ill to someone brings on the weightiest negativity of all. Conversely, to think well of someone fosters positive energy, to speak well of someone promotes positivity and to act well on the behalf of others brings about the greatest of blessings.

We are now entering a critical phase of our planet’s and our global society’s evolution. For roughly two thousand years we have lived in the Age of Pisces, the Age of Faith and Religion. That Age is passing and we are slowly transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Science and Reason. In many ways this is exciting and promising, in others quite alarming and disturbing. Through modern technology we are slowly acquiring the power to order and manipulate our environment according to our own designs and wishes. We are probing ever more deeply into the secrets and mysteries of life and existence, grasping knowledge hitherto undreamed of in all manner of scientific endeavors. Major advances in Medicine and the Hard Sciences such as Physics and Chemistry as well as in Electronics have greatly improved the quality of life for many in just this last century. This is especially true and most evident in the world’s most developed countries. Modern travel and the dawning of the Computer Age, the Internet and the modern mass communications era have transformed the world from a planet of separate individual nations into an emerging global conglomerate of interconnected nations on its way toward becoming a single global entity. There is great potential for modern science to provide the keys for solving and eliminating many of humanity’s most pressing problems. There is no denying the positive potential of such impressive flowering technology.

Meanwhile, the Information Age is fraught with peril, not the least of which is information piracy and identity theft. As our computers become more powerful and sophisticated and as we come to rely more heavily upon them and to entrust more of our lives with them, the greater is the danger of exploitation and mishap. Also, sadly enough, there is the other side of the coin to the humane advances made in the Sciences in the past century or so. Mankind has learned and developed new and far more deadly means of waging war upon one another. Man has even gone so far as unlocking and unleashing the power and destructive force of the atom. Whereas in the past he has had the power to kill by the dozens, now Man has the power to kill by the hundreds of thousands in an instant. This modern efficiency in killing has led Humanity to a point of crisis, perhaps even potentially to the brink of self-destruction. Modern violence and warfare have been allowed to spread and to escalate to alarming proportions. This is true whether within and between different factions of the same society or between two or more different nations.

Due to the necessity and nature of Freewill, we as individuals and as a collective humanity are free to make our own choices even if they be mistakes. This is how we learn and evolve. We are even free to commit atrocities and acts of evil against each other and against Mother Earth, although not without consequences apparent or otherwise. Sadly, but true enough, even evil has its place in life and serves God’s Ultimate Purpose. It is part of the Grand Design.

Between the Mysticism of the East and the Rationalism of the West, not to mention the divisiveness created by the world’s major religions we are living in an increasingly fragmented world, both materially and spiritually. Also, with the advent of the computer we have added an additional coldness and impersonality into the mix. These and other factors have led to the erosion of modern society and a devaluing of human life on a planetary scale.

We are in essence and in the deepest sense One, one with each other and one with all of Creation. We are like one vast Tree of Humanity, each an individual blossom sharing the same collective roots and reaching for the same blissful heights. This Collective Tree is nourished by the pure Light of the Spirit from Above and the sustaining Waters of the Soul from Below, the former symbolizing the Love of the Masculine Force and the latter the Love of the Feminine Force. Together these two Forces provide the nurturing necessary for the Tree and its blossoms to thrive. However, because for the most part this Tree has been allowed to grow wild and with seemingly little or no apparent tending from any Divine Gardener, continuously over the long years, blights have marred the various limbs and blossoms of the Tree.

Using the metaphor of one vast Tree of Humanity it is easy to see how the wellbeing or lack thereof of each and every individual blossom, cluster of blossoms and limb of the Tree affects the Tree as a Whole. Also, it should be evident that the welfare of the entire Tree as a Whole impacts each and every Part. As with any tree with strong, deep roots and a vital, healthy core the Tree of Humanity continues to flourish despite whatever maladies may appear to plague it.

The Light of the Spirit and the Waters of the Soul continue to empower and sustain the Tree of Humanity which maintains its integrity at its core. Yet in its present state the fruits and branches of modern society are slowly becoming increasingly corrupt and are poisoning the entire Tree in a way which is most disturbing. Even more alarming is that this degradation seems not to be presently abating but is in actuality accelerating. All this negative energy is accumulating and is having a profound impact whose effects are being made felt all around the globe. Even Mother Nature is not immune, as is evidenced by Global Warming and the accelerated frequency and severity of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes,
floods, droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like. The whole of the world and civilization seem to be poised upon the crux of critical change.

Once energy is created it is everlasting. It is eternal and unending. It may change form or it may be transformed but its potential never ceases unless by the Will of its Ultimate Creator. It may be concentrated or allowed to dissipate whereupon it takes on new shape and new meaning. Consciousness confers the ability to recognize and direct energy. The higher the state of consciousness the deeper is the capacity for the skilled manipulation of energy.

Elevating consciousness is what life is all about. The ascension of the lower self (its transcendence of the Personality and the Ego) rising to merge fully with the Higher Self completing the flowering of the Soul is the true purpose and ultimate destiny of all of Humanity. Each and every one of us is on our own personal path to individual spiritual fulfillment. This concept can be broadened to characterize Humanity as a single Whole, as a single vast Collective Soul.

Because we are intelligent beings endowed by our Creator with Freewill we have the freedom and the means via our degree of conscious development to shape our own thoughts and energies. This may not always be done fully consciously, however, for many times a significant part of our inner thought processes are carried on subliminally. Due to the fact that we generate these energies via our thoughts it is imperative that we recognize and become aware of how our thoughts impact the outer world, our environment and others. Also, our thoughts and feelings are usually the root of our actions and actions can be viewed as being the most concrete and tangible manifestations of our inner personal thoughts and energies. We must raise our inner consciousness to enhance our interaction with and impact upon the outer world, as well as with and upon others.

Like any proficient and resilient organism (for in many ways Humanity can be likened to a single entity) Mankind grows and evolves through undergoing and overcoming adversity. Nature seeks balance in all things and Mankind is no exception. Even with the presence of so much apparent negativity in our world and within society there is a silver lining. Although it is less apparent to most of us, this weight of negativity is being equally counterbalanced by incoming and active positive energy. This state of tension being generated by the two poised opposite energies is propelling Mankind down the road toward higher evolution. Without this particular eternal challenge life would lose its meaning and Man would never rise above the realm of Materiality and evolve ever closer to his true spiritual destiny with his Creator.

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