Humanity: Age of Pisces & Religion

God is Love: Universal Unconditional Love. Love is the Divine Energy from which all life derives. Love is the One Universal Truth. Love is the Divine Power of Attraction, the One Force which permeates, binds and unites all things, all of Creation. All of the true blessings of life spring from this One Source: all Light, all Joy, all Wisdom and all Compassion. True Love is at once both the highest and the deepest aspect of consciousness, of Existence. Within all life lies the potential seed of Love. The flowering of this potential is the Grand Design which lies at the very heart of God’s Intention and life’s Divine Purpose.


According to Astrology, for roughly two thousand years the world has been in the Age of Pisces which is the Age of Faith. In Astrology, the two planets which are said to “rule” over Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion, said to preside over faith, optimism, law, religion, wisdom, philosophy, idealism, fortune and the Higher Mind. Neptune is the Planet of Spiritual Awakening, said to preside over mysticism, psychic energy, illusion/delusion, revelation, inspiration/illumination, escapism, karmic obligation and emotional sacrifice. The Sign of Pisces itself, besides being the Sign of Faith and Religion, is the Sign most closely identified with the psychologist Carl G. Jung’s concept of the Collective Unconsciousness. It is also the Sign of the Savior, of Redemption and of the Martyr. In light of these influences we can better see and better understand the events of the last two thousand years. Taken together they paint a clear picture of the Age of Pisces and of the evolution of human civilization within the last two millennia.

From the above paragraph it is easy to see the major role that religion has played in the Age of Pisces. In the Age of Faith the major religions of the world have grown and thrived, putting down deep roots and branching out into nearly every corner of the globe. Their influence can be seen and felt in nearly every aspect of society all around the world. Even in the undeveloped countries and the countries of the developing Third World some sort of spirituality or religion is practiced and maintained.

Religion is meant to bring Man closer to God. It is meant to be a source of strength and spiritual comfort to those of us living in a material world. Religion is meant to remind us that we are all Children of God and that we are all part of one divine family of Humanity. It is meant to bring us together and to unite us for in the eyes of God we are all One. However, this ideal of a united Humanity under a common Universal Deity is far from our present-day reality. On the contrary, religion has proved to be one of if not the main source of divisiveness within our modern society and between our differing nations. The fragmentation of the world’s general population along rivaling, contentious religious lines has posed many serious problems to civilization in the past and it continues to be a clear and present danger to civilization and society today. A religious wedge is being driven between peoples and nations around the globe and the simmering hostility is palpable and threatens to escalate to alarming proportions.

Besides being an indicator of the general direction and development of civilization, any current Astrological Age is an indicator of the form that the dominant power base of society assumes during that particular Age. Because the last two thousand years have belonged to the Age of Pisces, not only has the emphasis been on Faith in general but Religion has been at the core of the world’s power struggles for the last two millennia. Prime examples of this are the Crusades and the Inquisition, both spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle-Ages. Behind the veil and under the guise of spiritual authority the Roman Catholic Church has sought to amass and to secure and to wield material power. Religious matters and religious concerns and political and state matters and political and state concerns have become closely entangled with one another for century upon century in the Age of Pisces. The Institution of Religion has become deeply enmeshed and deeply embedded within our global society, wielding great influence over the masses. Yet despite all of their original virtue and all of the wisdom and divine intent of their original founding Masters the world’s major religions have strayed from their original purpose, their original Divine Path. Instead of bringing Humanity together, preaching and reinforcing the understanding that we are all brothers and sisters of the One Divine Family, that we are all equal Children of God, much of today’s religion acts as a powerful divisive force between peoples and nations throughout the world. The Age of Faith is coming to a close and with it comes an urgent need to seek and find a final, lasting resolution to all of the malignant religious strife which presently holds sway around our world. The transition between Astrological Ages is always fraught with difficult, painful, turbulent and often violent change yet the peril of our present-day transition from the Age of Pisces to the coming Age of Aquarius is so much greater due to the vast intensification of our civilization’s negative destructive potential. Still as with all things there is a balance of energies and the coming future of Mankind holds the potential seed of great hope and great promise if we but choose the Higher Path.

The Age of Pisces, the Age of Faith and Religion, is slowly waning and the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Science and Reason, is slowly on the rise. The power base of society is shifting from religion to technology. In the last few centuries, Science has grown and progressed by leaps and bounds. In the last few decades modern technology has insinuated itself into the lives of the masses becoming an integral part of daily life for many people in many countries around the globe. In the coming Age of Aquarius, Man has to be wary of the peril of losing touch with Nature, of losing himself and his humanity to the very technology and machines which he creates to serve him. In a very real way, Science shall become the new Faith and Reason shall become the new Religion.

As with the Astrological Sign of Pisces, the Sign of Aquarius is said to be “ruled” over by two planets. These are the planets Saturn and Uranus. The planet Saturn is the Planet of Form and Limitation. It is also called the Planet of Karma and the Great Teacher. Saturn is said to preside over reason, order, morality, wisdom, self-discipline, practicality, authority, boundaries, materiality and Time. The planet Uranus is the Planet of Illumination and Sudden Change. It is also called the Reformer and the Great Innovator. Uranus is said to preside over intuition, the Higher Mind, idealism, eccentricity, rebellion, individuality, non-conformity, freedom, electricity, technology and science. Due to the contrary and often conflicting natures of these two Planets, Aquarius can be a very dualistic Sign. After all, it is the Sign of Originality!

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