Horoscope 101: Ascendants


ARIES RISING: Aries Ascendants are people of action. These people are very impulsive, often acting without always thinking first. You tend to lack perseverance. Aries Ascendants love to be in a position of authority. You are independent and self-contained, your business and thoughts are your own. You have a strong will. Aries Ascendants are very versatile and ambitious. You are also headstrong and will not be put out or imposed upon by others. Aries Ascendants have awesome tempers but do not hold lengthy grudges. You are usually the athletic type and enjoy physical sports and activities. You do well in activities which are action-orientated and which require decisiveness. You are definitely a “go-getter” and most always enjoy a good challenge, especially in love and romance.

TAURUS RISING: Taurus Ascendants are the hard, steady workers of the Zodiac. You work well alone and well with or for others. You enjoy amassing money and you crave affluence. Taurus Ascending is not a risk-taker. You need to weigh all of the pros and the cons before committing yourself to any important course of action. You are secretive as to personal matters. Taurus Ascending is sympathetic and values all of the beautiful things in the world be they natural or artistic or creative. You love the “good life” and are quite the pleasure seeker, but are not hedonistic. You like to be surrounded by beautiful things. At times you can be too sensual and dependent on comfort. Taurus Ascending can be quite stubborn and unyielding. You have a terrible temper but it takes quite a lot to provoke you. You are usually very easy-going and easy to get along with. Taurus Ascending is honest, reliable and worthy of trust. You are a person of profound common sense, and are quite the loyal friend. Taurus Ascending makes for an affectionate mate but at times can be very jealous and unreasonable. You many times possess a pleasant voice, which may lend itself into a career in oratory or even the musical profession.

GEMINI RISING: Gemini Ascendants are a bundle of nerves, needing to be always on the go. You are a mental creature, always seeking new ideas. Gemini Ascending is a curious person and loves diversity. You are an ambitious sort and you plan to get ahead using your fine and agile mind. Gemini Ascending is sensitive, sympathetic and impressionable. You are finely tuned to your surroundings. You are idealistic, adventurous and pleasure seeking. You are never one to turn down new experiences. Science and logic attract you. Gemini Ascending enjoys reading and writing and the arts as well as the sciences. You may possess literary ability yourself. Gemini Ascending may be indecisive and easily becomes restless and anxious, especially when bored. This can lead to impatience and irritability. Travel excites you. You enjoy small talk. Gemini Ascending is very adaptable and excels at innovation and invention. You can and do carry on several activities at once, having more than one thing in the iron at a time. You are a keen investigator. You are not a physical person rather you excel at mental gymnastics.

CANCER RISING: Cancer Ascendants are very emotional, sensitive people. Your moods are shifting and changing all of the time. You are very nurturing and protective towards your loved ones. Cancer Ascending is very nostalgic with vivid memories of their childhoods. You are a feeling individual, sentimental and sympathetic. Cancer Ascending has a vivid imagination and is extremely creative. You enjoy the finer side of life and work hard to attain it. You like to surround yourself with beautiful possessions, each one with a feeling or memory attached to it. You are shrewd with your money. Cancer Ascending dislikes pressure, yet you deal with it fairly well. At most times, you come off as being steady and self-assured. You are afraid of criticism and of being ridiculed, so you try to protect yourself against it, yet you welcome flattery and praise. You possess political acumen and you act with tact in most situations. At times you allow yourself to be imposed upon, perhaps too often. Often, Cancer Ascending gravitates towards an occupation which brings them in contact with the public at large. Here, their mediumistic talents serve them well. You have a psychic side of you which allows you to “feel the pulse” of people in general and the greater public in particular.

LEO RISING: Leo Ascendants love the spotlight. You love being the center of attention. You crave and do well in positions of authority. Leo Ascending inspires others, bringing out the best in them. You are ambitious and confident in your abilities. Leo Ascending has bountiful reserves of energy which must have a positive outlet, but you must take care not to overdo yourself. You are enthusiastic and optimistic. Adversity, however, easily depresses you and you become impatient. Yet, Leo Ascending has the strength and perseverance to prevail. You are proud yet friendly, generous and loyal. You can be both charitable and philanthropic, and give as many favors as you would receive. Leo Ascending is fond of power in all of its forms, yet usually handles it with grace and dignity. Your good nature and kind heart help to keep you in the center of any social circles you hold court in. Leo Ascending is energetic and attractive both physically and emotionally, and is usually independent and forthright. You crave and usually have your share of admirers.

VIRGO RISING: Virgo Ascendants are people who sweat the details. You are precise and you possess an uncommon amount of common sense. You are very sharp intellectually but may seem rather cool emotionally. Virgo Ascending likes order, having a place for everything, and having everything in its place. You are not easily satisfied. You like to follow procedures. Virgo Ascending has considerable endurance. You are protective of your own affairs and are shrewd when it comes to money. You are not averse to amassing wealth and definitely are not averse to working for it. You are also worthy of the trust of others when it comes to looking after their interests. Virgo Ascending is a perfectionist and strives for perfection and seeks it in the world around him. At times, you can be overly critical, even trivial. You prefer to be the power behind the throne instead of being in the spotlight. Virgo Ascending is usually modest and reserved. Self-confidence must be cultivated. At most times you can be considered as being courteous and tactful, as long as your propensity for criticism is properly curbed. Virgo Ascending is very concerned with hygiene and diet, and is many times a talented cook. Good health is very important to you.

LIBRA RISING: Libra Ascendants are lovers of beauty. Harmony and balance are very important to you. You are constantly trying to harmonize your surroundings. You have a great need for order in your life. Libra Ascending is quite diplomatic and is a “people-pleaser”, never being one to rock the boat. This can make you indecisive and when you do decide you are apt to jump on the nearest readily available bandwagon which suits your purpose at the moment. Libra Ascending has a quick temper, which fades nearly as quickly as it appears. You are a pleasant and agreeable companion. Libra Ascending favors cheerful and optimistic companions, preferably ones who possess a talent for or an appreciation of the arts. You are an idealistic type, adaptable and active. You are very impressionable and your intuition serves you well when you choose to listen to it. At times Libra Ascending is a daydreamer, and also a wishful thinker. You can be impractical because of this. Libra Ascending is thoughtful, courteous, sympathetic and agreeable. You enjoy being sociable. You are ambitious but avoid work which is unclean, unpleasant or overly stressful. You are amorous in love and romance yet not overly passionate. Libra Ascending is usually graceful and can be quite charming. You may vacillate at times. Libra Ascending is at heart a nature lover and a lover of beauty, such as in great art and music. You are quite perceptive. Libra Ascending can be an extravagant person with expensive tastes in fine clothes, jewelry and other possessions. This helps to satisfy your need for harmony and beauty in all of its forms.

SCORPIO RISING: Scorpio Ascendants are passionate yet practical people. This is a very determined combination. You have remarkable strength and endurance. Your force of will is formidable, as well as your sense of purpose. You can work for extended periods of time long after other Signs have worn out. Scorpio Ascending is proud and enigmatic. You are very secretive about your true thoughts and feelings and you keep them under a cool and reserved veneer. Seldom do you open up freely to others. Scorpio Ascending is a study in repression. You are suspicious of others and are a hard person to be fooled by pretense. You are a loyal and steadfast friend. Scorpio Ascending has a keen and penetrating mind as well as possessing fine judgment. You are quick and enterprising in speech and action. You are prone to occasional blow-ups when your boiling point is reached and your temper is terrible to behold. Scorpio Ascending rarely allows himself to be imposed upon or swayed away from his chosen course. You are fascinated by the occult and the subtler side of life. You usually hold bold views and have fixed opinions. Scorpio Ascending possesses a magnetic quality. You are active as long as your interest is held. At other times you can be quite lazy. You possess great powers of perseverance. Your physical prowess often mirrors your mental and emotional strength. You enjoy traveling even if it is a journey of the mind and not of the body.

SAGITTARIUS RISING: Sagittarius Ascendants are freedom-loving individuals. You need your freedom in all instances and will not be told what to do. These people need their independence and will not abide being hemmed in or restricted in any way whatsoever. They need an understanding of this from their partners and companions. Sagittarius Ascending are good-natured and fun to be with and make good, if not the most dependable of friends. You are a generous person with a bright and sunny personality. You believe in honesty and fairness. Sagittarius Ascending makes for a sympathetic, kind and caring person. You are also quite the animal lover. You enjoy sports and the Great Outdoors and are usually a fine athlete. Sagittarius Ascending is ambitious and an opportunist. You are good at promoting yourself and others and would do well in the field of Public Relations. You are enthused by all types of innovation and can be quite ingenious. Sagittarius Ascending often comes to correct conclusions through pure intuition or with few facts to go on. Many people with this combination are of the restless sort and are very forthright and outspoken, often even impulsive. Sagittarius Ascending thinks big and dreams big and is not the most practical of people. You have deep opinions and feelings for law, religion, science and medicine and are quite the homespun philosopher. You could be a good teacher if you chose to do so. Sagittarius Ascending loves to visit foreign lands and meet with a broad spectrum of people from a diverse sample of cultures. Again here, big is better, free is best.

CAPRICORN RISING: Capricorn Ascendants are a very thoughtful and deliberate type of people. You are very practical and rather matter-of- fact in your approach towards life. Your actions are very cautious and practical. Capricorn Ascending is profound and has good powers of concentration as well as possessing good organizational skills. You are a very calculating individual. You are very emotionally reserved and at times appear rather cold. Capricorn Ascending can be secretive and stubborn, but you are quite a responsible person. You excel in science and logic and many times people with this combination rise to high positions of authority in related fields. Your success stems from steady conscious effort and an effective methodical approach. Capricorn Ascending can be very persistent. You prefer prestige above affluence. Many of those with Capricorn Ascending appear older than their actual years in their youth and many appear younger than they actually are in their maturity. At times, this combination brings with it a rather difficult childhood. Health in your early years may be lacking in robustness.

AQUARIUS RISING: Aquarius Ascendants are the philanthropists and eccentrics of the Zodiac. You are an idealist and a reformer. You love to take the lead in a worthy cause. Aquarius Ascending is in a constant search for truth in all of its many guises. Yet you are practical about this and search for the way to best apply this knowledge once found. Aquarius Ascending is quite the social person, charming and engaging, with a rather large circle of friends. However, you shy away from intimacy. You like to think of yourself as being dignified, and value honor and sincerity very highly. You have strong opinions, which are rather fixed yet you are not above bowing to the facts if they bear out logically. Aquarius Ascending is a mental individual yet you can be quite emotional when it comes to the issue of personal freedom. You can also be quite passionate when it comes to your personal causes and your ideals. You are a very independent person. At times, Aquarius Ascending is quite eccentric and revolutionary. You certainly can be quite unpredictable. You are never one for the status-quo. Sometimes your passion can lead you to be impulsive. Aquarius Ascending is most always seeking and working for the benefit of society as a whole. Your mind is broad in scope as is your imagination. Aquarius Ascending is always one to strive for inventiveness and originality. You have a very sharp and quick mind. You excel in logic and science. Many geniuses are found to have Aquarius Ascending. You like the novel and unusual. You enjoy being unique. Aquarius Ascending has a deep appreciation for the arts as well as for the sciences. You enjoy and may have an aptitude for literature and music, among other creative fields and endeavors. It is important for you to remain active physically as well as mentally to maintain your good health.

PISCES RISING: Pisces Ascendants are people whose sympathies and emotions run very deep. You are warm, trusting and affectionate. Most people find you kind and charitable, very sensitive and good-natured. At most times, you come off as being very laid back, shy and rather timid. You are very intuitive and consciously or not you rely very heavily on this part of your nature. Pisces Ascending does well with details and notices small minutiae, which most others may miss. You are very impressionable and have a vivid imagination. Your high and deeply felt ideals are hard to live up to and you many times feel the suffering of others as if it were your own. Pisces Ascending can be highly inspirational to others. You have an abiding lack of confidence and self-esteem and this causes you problems. This leads to a lingering feeling of anxiety and at times causes a debilitating melancholy, which you may find hard to rise above. In a crisis, however, a hidden innate strength rises to the surface to empower you when you most need it. Pisces Ascending is very creative. You are the poets of the Zodiac. You have a great love of music, art and literature. Many times, you have considerable skill in these areas. Pisces Ascending also make for good actors and actresses. Quite often you retreat into your private realm of daydreams to escape the harshness and rigors of the real world. Sometimes this is necessary for you to regenerate yourself and is healthy for you if not allowed to be taken to extremes. Pisces Ascending is an emotional individual and needs some type of physical regimen to promote and maintain good physical health. This would also benefit you mentally and emotionally. You can accept adversity fairly stoically for stretches. The trick for you is to keep your faith intact. Pisces Ascending often need time out alone from time to time to regenerate themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Many Pisces Ascending work in some field of social service helping the unfortunate, such as in hospitals or in other social institutions.

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