Horoscope 101: Moon Signs

ARIES MOON: The Moon deals with the emotions, and Aries is a passionate Sign. This makes for passionate and impulsive emotions. Moon in Aries loves action and many times fails to think before acting. These people are easily excited and are very intense. Moon in Aries is optimistic and enthusiastic and is quick to jump into action for any Cause which catches his attention. You are usually very self-assured and you look for ways to seize upon any opportunity to take the initiative. Many times, the only advice which you take is your own. You don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Moon in Aries people are usually quite independent souls. You thrive on the spur of the moment and are quick on the trigger with any decisions to be made. This must not be allowed to degenerate into impulsiveness, which may lead to trouble. Moon in Aries loves novelty and likes to travel, finding new realms to conquer. Work dealing with the public suits you. You are idealistic and are quite the crusader. For men with this combination, a problem with women might result. You may draw women to you who are headstrong and hard to deal with. These passionate women, however, may become assets to men with Moon in Aries, for their passionate natures may prove to energize these men and help to further their loves, lives and careers.

TAURUS MOON: Here the emotions of the Moon find a favorable anchor in the Sign of Taurus. The emotional energies of the Moon are given a stable and solid base from which to build the personality. These people find comfort in material things and they are not averse to steadily work for them. Moon in Taurus is reliable and constructive. This is also a good placement for intuition and concentration. Those with a Taurus Moon love home and family and work hard to provide for them and to protect them. Moon in Taurus is very nostalgic and has a very retentive memory. You do well in the business world and are a shrewd investor. You manage your assets well. Moon in Taurus is generally kind, amiable and sympathetic and makes friends easily. You are at heart a romantic. In a man, a Taurus Moon tends to draw women who are practical, affectionate and somewhat domestic. Moon in Taurus gives conventional and conservative tastes, and yet one here might tend toward over-indulgence in food, creature comforts and sex. Your tastes are for the traditional and classical, not the newest rages. Moon in Taurus often graces one with a pleasant and talented singing and speaking voice. It would not be unlikely to find these people in broadcasting, recording and in the theater.

GEMINI MOON: This is a restless placement for the Moon, and it imbues a sort of superficiality. Yet this Sign also gives considerable intellectual ability as well. What it lacks in depth it compensates with breadth. You are energetic, both mentally and physically. Moon in Gemini gives a kind of nervous emotional energy. There is a certain sensitivity which goes with this placement which provides the ability to assimilate knowledge through an impressionability uncommon to other Moon placements. Through these impressions you are able to piece together information in a certain irrational way, as if it were more of an emotional process and not an intellectual one. Yet this is not an overly emotional placement. Moon in Gemini is a kind and sympathetic combination. You are quite concerned over your domestic affairs and your personal affairs draw much of your attention as well. Moon in Gemini is a quick study and is enthusiastic in the face of new activities and ventures. These people need constant stimulation to feel alive and content. They love to travel, enjoying even short trips to keep them busy. The Moon in Gemini man most appreciates a woman with brains to accompany her beauty, the better to hold his attention. This is a good position for the Moon for a career woman. Both sexes enjoy the activity of mental gymnastics as a diversion and delight. Also, Moon in Gemini has a special flair for languages. A drawback of a Moon in Gemini is that you may tend to sweep your problems under the rug to be faced later, if at all, or at least until they blow-up in your face and can be ignored no longer. Also, you hate making or being caught up in a scene. Jobs which deal with the public-at-large are a good deal for you. Journalist, reporter, salesperson, advertiser, agent, writer or teacher would all be quite suitable vocations for a person with Moon in Gemini.

CANCER MOON: Moon in Cancer is very impressionable. You love Nature and beauty in all of its various forms. Moon in Cancer is very attuned to its environment, and discord of any kind is very disruptive to you. Anyone with a Cancer Moon must discriminate very well concerning whom they choose to associate with. This is an excellent placement for the emotional Moon. Your relationship with your mother, Past and Present, is quite important to you. Moon in Cancer revels in childhood memories and is very nostalgic. You seek protective and dependable people. You may exhibit signs of dependent behavior. Moon in Cancer is a receptive rather than active combination, yet you actively give your affections to your loved ones. A Cancer Moon promotes a feeling more than a thinking person. Moon in Cancer needs to become more spontaneous. These people are at home in comfort and prefer a life of ease. Moon in Cancer gravitates towards agreeable people. Your sensitivity often causes you to come to know something by feeling rather than through actual rational thought. A Cancer Moon bestows sympathy and a deep sense of sentimentality. Your sensitivity would make you a gifted actor, a fine poet or a talented musician. All Moon in Cancer people must guard against being imposed upon or exploited. Moon in Cancer men attract women who tend to be of the “mothering”, nurturing type.

LEO MOON: Moon in Leo is very self-assured. You are mainly motivated by your emotions. Of utmost importance are your needs for love and affection. You love to fulfill them. Without having someone to need and appreciate you, you wither and become depressed. Seldom is this the case, however, for you are usually quite popular, especially to the opposite sex. Your warm personality usually assures you your Lion’s Share of friends and admirers. In love, you give yourself completely and without reservation. Sometimes, you can even be regarded as smothering. You are many times self-sacrificing. Moon in Leo is very ambitious, positive and optimistic. You always seek to honor your responsibilities. Moon in Leo is a loyal combination and only demands his fair share of appreciation and respect. A Leo Moon is very decisive and forceful, and may be stubborn at times. Moon in Leo requires emotional incentive to espouse a Cause, and seldom is his involvement half-hearted. Yet he needs constant stimulation to keep his interest. A Leo Moon produces a proud and generous person, loyal and honorable. In a man’s Horoscope, the type of woman he attracts may be bossy and forthright. Both sexes may be a little too vain. Many Moon in Leos become public figures in some way, many in the world of entertainment. Many, also, can become somewhat hedonistic. Love affairs are common with this placement. Pleasure and luxury are enjoyed almost to a fault. You enjoy the Arts and quite often you display creative talent of your own. Sports attract you also and you may become either an artist or professional athlete yourself, depending upon other factors in your Chart.

VIRGO MOON: Moon in Virgo produces a very down-to-earth, practical and intelligent person. It also makes for a very tidy, efficient person. Yet for all of their intelligence, many Moon in Virgos are shy and reserved and much less self-assured than those with the Moon in other Signs. Many people with Moon in Virgo are lacking in the confidence they need to feel secure with themselves. Moon in Virgo can be a difficult placement because these people find it hard to reconcile their feelings with their thoughts. You are very ill-at-ease with your emotional side and often lack insight into the emotions of others around you. Moon in Virgo tries to control its feelings but this is hard for you because you do not really quite understand them. You are much more at home intellectually. Moon in Virgo tries to melt down its experiences in order to put them to practical use. A Virgo Moon provides an excellent memory and a keen intellect, both of which are put to a practical use. What you do best is analyze, but you get into problems when you start to over-analyze things, especially your feelings. You have a talent for finding new ideas to solve old problems. You can be counted on to create a fresh approach to existing dilemmas. You would do well for a large organization. You like to use a systematic approach. To you order is a key. Moon in Virgo enjoys science and the occult. You are highly intuitive when you allow yourself to be. A Virgo Moon gives a shrewd money-sense. You need to feel that you are properly appreciated and given your proper due. Moon in Virgo’s worst fault may be that it is overly critical of others and prone to try to correct what it views is the problem, instead of just lending support without trying to change the other person “for their own good”. In a man’s Horoscope, a Virgo Moon may indicate that the type of woman he attracts would likely be a practical, down-to-earth person who, at least at first appearance, may seem rather cool or somewhat reserved emotionally.

LIBRA MOON: Moon in Libra makes for a charismatic companion. You thrive in partnerships. Emotionally, you are a pleasant and easy-going individual. You are a people pleaser. Moon in Libra is sympathetic and a good listener. You enjoy the company of others. You are not very action-orientated. You are a harmonizing influence to others, affable and courteous at most times. You dislike discord more than most and you become moody in unpleasant surroundings. Moon in Libra has a deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms, especially that of the opposite sex. Many Moon in Libras display great creative potential. You have extravagant tastes. Moon in Libra benefits more through partnership than by working alone. Men with their Moon in Libra tend to attract undemanding women whom are successful, refined, easy-going and fairly passionate and attractive companions. A Libra Moon usually creates a need to feel needed and accepted. This is a key to your emotional balance and happiness. Flattery sways you and you care what people say and think of you a great deal.

SCORPIO MOON: Moon in Scorpio is an emotionally intense individual, somewhat of an extremist. You are highly sensual with a powerful sex drive, which at times gets the best of you. Moon in Scorpio is energetic and passionate. You are highly secretive emotionally. You let on only what you wish to. Many Moon in Scorpios are self-repressed. This could lead to problems if this pent-up energy is not allowed to be constructively expressed. A Scorpio Moon many times indicates hedonistic tendencies. A real set of values is needed here. Many Moon in Scorpios are loners who prefer to work alone. This placement is very efficient and confident, and possesses great stamina and fortitude as well as good powers of concentration. Slights are always remembered, as well as kindnesses. Moon in Scorpio is not a conversationalist, yet you will talk at length about your pet subjects if you feel that the other person is really listening. You readily grasp pertinent facts, and are a keen observer. You can be very fixed in your opinions. You are not fond of change. Moon in Scorpio men draw women who are ambitious and courageous, determined and intelligent. These women may also be somewhat unscrupulous.

SAGITTARIUS MOON: Moon in Sagittarius is an idealist always seeking that elusive Truth. It is also a freedom-loving placement, freedom to reach for that emotional bliss just over that elusive horizon. Moon in Sagittarius is a social animal and enjoys diverse companionship. You are interested in others’ viewpoints and through them you seek to broaden your own horizons. A Sagittarius Moon is always eager to broaden the scope of its understanding of life’s wonders and mysteries. You are somewhat of a homespun philosopher. You need to believe as you wish and what you would without outside restriction. In your optimism you sometimes miss out on the essential meaning of a truth. You won’t be bogged-down by cumbersome details. Moon in Sagittarius is open and honest and gets along well with those in authority as long as you are not too heavily imposed upon. You play out your popularity to your best benefit and many times tell those around you what you think they want to hear rather than what you know to be the truth. Moon in Sagittarius is a pleasant and easy-going companion but not always a good mate or spouse. You have a keen people-sense and can read and be a very good judge of people. You love Nature and the freedom of the Great Outdoors. In a man’s Horoscope, a Sagittarius Moon attracts the type of woman who is playful, energetic, affectionate, expansive, outgoing and independent.

CAPRICORN MOON: Emotions run cool in Moon in Capricorn. This may be the result of a harsh childhood, making for an emotional wariness and reserve. Their faith in the fairness of life may have been shaken early. This may have led to a very controlling type of personality. Here is a need for achievement and status and personal power. You are very ambitious and seek to control your environment. Moon in Capricorn displays great perseverance. Due to their ambition and seemingly cold, calculating nature there is little room for the regard of the feelings of others. This may put off many people and lead to enmity from others. Moon in Capricorn usually has his share of enemies. You inspire confidence from others. A Capricorn Moon lends good organizational and leadership skills. You may inspire those who are in a position to aid you to help you. You project a certain confidence and yet inside you may feel tentative and uncertain. Moon in Capricorn has a great need to succeed, to feel secure. For a man with this placement, the women in your life may appear to be lacking in warmth, be exacting yet loyal and dependable. Here, both sexes are earthy and practical. Men with a Capricorn Moon often marry later in life or marry older women.

AQUARIUS MOON: Moon in Aquarius makes for a free-spirited, independent and interesting person. You are non-conformist and unconventional. You are freedom-loving and love to be on the go. Moon in Aquarius is seldom one to settle down. You are more of a mental person than an emotional one. An Aquarius Moon makes for quite the idealist. You have great powers of visualization and have a keen intuition. You are also very inventive. Moon in Aquarius is interested in the occult and has an aptitude for subjects such as Astrology and Metaphysics and the paranormal in general. You are a seeker after knowledge in order to widen your mental horizons. Sometimes you come across as being eccentric. Moon in Aquarius is very tolerant and understanding of all types of people and viewpoints. You are a friendly, courteous person who works well in partnership with others. Many times you join clubs or organizations aimed at improving the world for others. Moon in Aquarius can be quite the humanitarian. Much of your sorrow comes from poorly chosen friends and lovers. In a man’s Horoscope, an Aquarius Moon attracts women whom are independent, unconventional, original, intelligent, sociable and individualistic.

PISCES MOON: Moon in Pisces is the Sign of the Dreamer. This placement of the Moon makes for a person who tends to live in a vivid fantasy world much of the time. You are highly sensitive and any disharmony in the people or environment around you is quite disturbing and unnerving to you. Moon in Pisces likes to have dependable companions to steady them in their uncertainties. This comforts them and their insecurities. Moon in Pisces needs this grounding influence to help them cope with the real world and its pressures. At times, you have need of fresh faces and places, of company and scenery to renew your energies. Moon in Pisces can be a person of emotional extremes, high up one moment, very down the next. You are always searching for that stabilizing influence or person, or else you indulge in escapism. Alcohol and drug use may provide a dangerous crutch for Moon in Pisces. You are a very changeable creature. You are very impressionable and are a devout romantic. You may suffer many disappointments and reversals of fortune. Moon in Pisces is self-sacrificing and unassuming, often generous. You are a person of sensation, sometimes even sexually promiscuous. You may try to be all things to all people, with a tendency to try to give people what you think they want. A Pisces Moon is quite psychic. You love beauty and amiable people and harmonious surroundings. Moon in Pisces people are extremely creative and they excel in literature and poetry, as well as in acting, dancing and in musical pursuits. Men with Moon in Pisces tend to attract women who are sensitive, creative, nurturing, compassionate, intuitive and self-sacrificing and at times emotionally dependent.

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