Horoscope 101: Sun Signs

ARIES SUN: Aries is a Sign of new beginnings. It is a Sign of dynamic restlessness. Aries are doers and are action-orientated. At first impression they come off as being talkative, vibrant and exciting. They can dominate the conversation. Aries gravitates toward the center of action. They are frequently leader-types who exude self-confidence. To them, opposition is an annoyance not to be tolerated. Aries are willing to take gambles and they frequently do. They are idealists, dream-followers and dogged goal- pursuers. Aries is an enthusiastic Sign. Yet underneath all of their bravado, frequently insecurity can be found. However, with an Aries, moodiness and depression don’t usually last for very long. An Aries is easily bored and tends to rush off to find greener pastures. Perseverance is a trait to be cultivated for them. For an Aries, independence is paramount and they don’t take to taking orders from anyone. Aries wants to run the show, not to follow. Also, Aries often bends to adversity but seldom breaks. Aries for the most part are straightforward, honest and sincere. Many times, they lack tact and diplomacy, yet not out of intentional cruelty. Many times, it is just a case of not thinking before speaking. Impulsiveness is an Aries trait. Aries tends to be lucky with money, but through extravagance it is hard for them to hold onto it for long. Aries need to feel appreciated and are hurt if they feel they are not as appreciated as they deserve. Aries are creative, open-hearted and pioneering. On the other side, they can be impulsive, impatient and vain.

TAURUS SUN: Taurus is a persevering, dependable and steady Sign. They are usually determined, successful and determined to be successful. Taurus quite often is a follower. They tend to be a stubborn type. They are also tenacious. Taurus is not a Sign which welcomes change. Taurus prefers the tried and true, the comfortable and familiar, over the untried territory of the new. Taurus sports a slow but volatile temper. You are generally tolerant and patient if you are a Taurus, yet opposition nettles you. Taurus has a gentle side rife with creative ability and appreciation of all things beautiful, whether it is art, music or merely a pretty face. Elegance pleases you and you have an eye for the valuable. Taurus is considered a responsible Sign and Taurus craves security and a sense of permanence. Taurus is a faithful Sign. There is a sensuous, sentimental side to the Sign of Taurus, yet it is found difficult for members of this Sign to show these feelings openly. Taurus can be a secretive, private and even suspicious Sign to some extent, also being stingy, self-contained and opinionated. Some Taurus can at times be lazy, indolent and self-indulgent, yet they have available a great store of personal energy at the ready when they wish to use it. Taurus is a Sign which likes to entertain socially, if not just to display its fine possessions. Taurus loves to enjoy the good side of life and its accompanying pleasures. At its best, Taurus is a fine combination of the solid and the sensitive, the sensible and the emotional person we all sometimes wish to be.

GEMINI SUN: Like the alternate namesake of its ruling planet Mercury: “quicksilver”, Gemini is a quick Sign. Quick, clever and changeable, both in thought and deed, Gemini is a Sign of ideas, action, and ideas in action. Gemini is the Sign of budding intelligence. It is adaptable and communicative, forever curious. Gemini is the ultimate Sign of duality: restless, active, always in quest of the new and untried. Gemini has the pressing urge to communicate and exchange ideas. Gemini has a quick, persuasive, incisive mind and sharp verbal skills and is a born conversationalist. You can at times be trivial and superficial. With its gifts for expression Gemini has a knack for dealing with the public. Gemini can adapt to diverse types and groups of people quite easily. Gemini proves to be quite adept at the dramatic arts. You have great charm through your wit and seldom fail to elicit a smile on any face you come across. Gemini doesn’t go for exploring the emotional depths of certain aspects of the human condition, you prefer to skim the surface for the freedom it seems to give you. Many Gemini have contacts among influential people and use them at need. A Gemini will shun monotony like the plague and routine bores Gemini to no end. Gemini lives for freedom and change. The inquisitive mind of these people, as well as their imaginations, needs to be as unfettered as possible for them to live a happy existence.

CANCER SUN: The Cancer world is a world mostly hidden beneath the surface. Cancer builds a shell, which effectively hides what is truly beneath. It is difficult to get to know a Cancer, and it is difficult for them to get to know themselves. Their need for security contradicts their need to be loved and accepted. The shell, which they wrap around themselves for protection, inhibits any relationship to be made. Cancer is a complex, fragile, temperamental and unpredictable Sign which constantly needs reassurance that it is wanted and appreciated. Yet deep within there lies great emotional strength. Loyalty, once earned, is a strong trait of this Sign. Cancer tends to over-worry and brood upon itself and life in general. Any hidden secrets lay protected deep within. Cancer is a moody Sign. It is also a possessive Sign. Cancer-types can easily get caught-up with the Past, tending toward being overly nostalgic. Many times, Cancer is emotionally shrewd and therefore very difficult to deceive. Superb observational powers coupled with a photographic memory lead to an almost psychic faculty in Cancer, giving pronounced intuitive powers and a finely-tuned cognitive process altogether. Seldom is the Cancer approach a direct one, but even with the side-stepping, indirect approach most objectives are eventually effectively achieved. To be successful in life, Cancer must learn to master his chaotic emotional nature, natural inhibitions and shyness. A fine imagination and intellect will do the rest. Even the most extraverted Cancer is somewhat cautious and conservative by nature. Security is key: emotional security, financial security, the whole nine yards. Give Cancer a safe, comfortable, nurturing, loving and lovable home and life and he or she will shine.

LEO SUN: All Leos like Center Stage in one form or another, they enjoy the spotlight and they enjoy performing. Leos like to be the ruler of their own social circle, their own private kingdom, as it were. Most Leos are quite self-assured, vibrant and witty. They have a flair for the dramatic and are attention seekers and getters. Leos like to live, and to live large, whether going to or giving parties. They adore luxury and the good life and are willing to pay for it. Nothing is too good for the King (or Queen) of the Zodiac! Image is not everything, but it is very important to a Leo. Leo nature is generous to a fault and Leos are usually very kind and open-hearted by nature, but they endure no slight, however small, and are not averse to striking back quickly when they feel injured. Leo, however, is usually also quick to forgive and seldom holds a grudge for long. Leos are generous with their affections and they love to bring pleasure to as well as to receive pleasure from others. Leos make great friends. Leo is proud and expects to be well appreciated, and Leo thrives on praise and loves to bask in others’ admiration. Leo does well in business and makes a good and effective leader. You are ambitious, yet fair-minded and open-handed. Leos have a healthy natural optimism, which helps them keep a sunny disposition and great natural warmth through adversity.

VIRGO SUN: Beneath a thin veil of composed intensity, there resides a psyche of nervous, restless energy just seething at the bit. That is the nature of Virgo, a perfectionist seeking perfection in an imperfect world, not the least self-perfection. You are not only an idea person, you strive to improve through putting your ideas into organized, controlled action aimed at achieving the most possible improvement, the best possible results with the tools and means presently at your disposal. Virgo thrives through intelligence, not for its own sake, but for what you can accomplish with it. Virgos have sharp, incisive minds and excellent memories. Your thought processes are exact, that is when they are unclouded by troublesome emotion. Virgos are the most exacting critics of the Zodiac. They demand clarity and certitude, to make sense of life and have life make sense. In business and in money matters, Virgos are a shrewd bunch. Seldom is a Virgo self-indulgent. You have a tendency to lose sight of the Big Picture having become bogged-down by the details. Sometimes, your tendency is to over-analyze rather than to commit to a particular course of action. Yet once you feel comfortable with your assessment of a situation, you adjust rather well to the change in routine. Virgo usually makes for a rather reserved personality, many times leading to outright shyness. They would rather interact in a one-on-one situation than within a group. Virgo needs to guard against becoming hypercritical. Also, you need to avoid becoming overly- sensitive to criticism from others, real or imagined. Virgos find it very hard to admit to being wrong. This Sign is very health-conscious and many times produces a hypochondriac for Virgo is a natural worrywart. This may be contributed to by Virgos highly sensitive, high-strung nervous system. Despite their analytical, critical natures, Virgos can become kind, devoted, loving and loyal mates and friends to those who take the time to get to really know them.

LIBRA SUN: Libra is a charming, physically attractive Sign. It is also a very sociable Sign. Libra also enjoys beauty of all kinds and likes to own and enjoy beautiful things. Libra can be narcissistic and appearance is very important to you, both yours and that of others. You live for relationships of all kinds. You have a special knack for seeing another person’s point of view, even though at times you can be self-centered. For Libra, harmony and balance are necessities. Peace is paramount to you. Libra is very diplomatic. This is where the famous Libran charm is most useful. You will go the extra mile to avoid unpleasantness for Libra cannot stand discord. Libra can be an indecisive Sign for you see and are forever weighing both sides of any issue or situation. You are also a people-pleaser, which aggravates the situation. Libra hates to rock the proverbial boat. Sometimes Libra has to struggle to be decisive. Fairness is very important to Libra and it is not uncommon to find a Libra rooting for the underdog. It is very important for a Libra to surround himself with harmonious, agreeable people to maintain the harmony he so desperately craves. Libra is a romantic, idealistic Sign, being very warm and affectionate. Many Librans also do well in the Arts in general for this Sign many times produces creative natives.

SCORPIO SUN: Scorpios are extremists. They are deep and intense personalities. The outer calm of Scorpio belies the turbulence of the passionate nature within. More than any other Sign, Scorpio needs a healthy release for these hidden energies else they will lead to destructive and self-destructive tendencies. Scorpio is a very emotional Sign and an extremely volatile one. Here there is an interest in occult and religious philosophies. Scorpio’s intuition is very acute. Scorpio is blessed with an innate awareness of human nature and things which are less easily accessible to the other Signs of the Zodiac. Sometimes this makes some of life’s mysteries less mysterious to Scorpios than to others. This Sign carries with it more than a passing interest in matters of death, sex, degeneration and regeneration. Scorpio is a very transcendental Sign. The mind of a Scorpio is very sharp indeed. Many things, which are unfathomable to lesser minds, are uncovered by a Scorpio’s penetrating intellect. Relationships are complicated things for Scorpio. Jealousy and possessiveness often become issues for people of this Sign. Yet, once earned, the loyalty and empathy of a Scorpio is unsurpassed. Kindnesses are never forgotten and the same is true of trespasses. Revenge is definitely a Scorpio concept, as well as is reciprocation, good or bad. Scorpio makes for a deadly enemy. Scorpios are very competitive and are very shrewd rivals. This Sign can be quite stubborn, but also fairly adaptable. Also, Scorpio is clever and practical. You would do well in business. Scorpio may display obsessive behavior at times and when motivated can be very driven. You are wary of intimacy and are reluctant to lightly give your trust to anyone unproven. Once proven, however, a Scorpio is capable of developing a deep and abiding love with their chosen mate. Here, as in most elsewhere for Scorpio, passion rules.

SAGITTARIUS SUN: Sagittarius is broad-minded, jovial and seems to have the innate talent of being in the right place at the most opportune moments, just to have all the luck. You seem to be the world’s free spirits who thrive on freedom and independence and wilt under convention and restraint. Sagittarius loves change. Novelty also attracts you, whether it is a new place, a new face, or a new idea, Sagittarius loves this. Of course, for Sagittarius the grass is always greener somewhere else, so you go off to find it, your restless nature spurring you on, if this turns out to be something new, great and if it is unconventional, even better. Sagittarius is kind, open and agreeable, yet most times brutally honest, but not out of malicious intent, that is just the way they express themselves. Sure, they will gossip, but usually not meddle. “You live your life freely and I’ll live mine” might be one of Sagittarius’ catch phrases. Sagittarius is rarely possessive and seldom jealous. These people have a great sense of humor and even may be a bit of a practical jokester. They are fine conversationalists and gifted entertainers in general. Sagittarius would do well in writing or publishing, radio or television. Sagittarius is adaptable and versatile but sometimes lacks perseverance. Clever and imaginative, you perform well when the chips are on the line. You say what is on your mind and are straightforward, not being one to mince words. Yet you sometimes take offense when others are what you perceive to be blunt, being too easily hurt. You can be impetuous and reckless, even irresponsible, sometimes extravagant or wasteful, yet you are most always entertaining and fun to be with. Sagittarius is a charming Sign, by all accounts.

CAPRICORN SUN: Capricorn is an ambitious, worldly Sign. These people strive for money, success and status throughout their lives. Capricorns are very purposeful people. They are driven to make their mark upon the world. Capricorn seeks positions of leadership and authority. You are talented organizers and are good at making plans. This Sign exhibits marked patience and perseverance. Often Capricorns exude an air of solemnness and severity. They can come off as being staid and stern. Capricorn is determined to succeed and is very practical about how he goes about it. Inside you have great faith in yourself to go along with your strong sense of purpose. Capricorn people are independent and very self-sufficient. Beneath your cool veneer lies a dry, yet somewhat charming sense of humor. Capricorn is cautious and shrewd with money and other resources, but will take risks when fairly certain that the odds are in their favor. Your money sense is quite sound. Many Capricorns eventually reach their goals of affluence and status through sound planning and sheer perseverance. You take pains to examine all of the angles so as to be that much more sure of yourself. Security is a major concern for this Sign and materialism is an outstanding trait. Many Capricorns marry for money or for social status. Many are loners. Capricorn prefers to dominate in their relationships. Underneath their cool exteriors, Capricorn people have a profound need for love and appreciation. You can be quite loyal and affectionate. Capricorn always protects who and what is theirs and seldom forgives any slight, yet any kindness is most always remembered and reciprocated.

AQUARIUS SUN: Aquarius is a freedom-orientated, non-conformist Sign. Aquarius thrives on being a unique, original individual. You are unorthodox intellectuals who many times are brilliant trailblazers in your own unique sphere of influence. You are liberal and liberated, if you are lucky. Aquarius likes to be progressive and open-minded, but often is all too fixed in his opinions. You tend to get entrenched in your own personal truths and too easily dismiss other viewpoints not your own. Aquarius people are knowledge-seekers, always on a new quest, always following a new idea or ideal. Aquarius has a talent for putting his emotions aside and being clearly objective. Many Aquarius are quite out of their element concerning their emotions as if they are wary of being misled or deceived by them. Despite being an idea person, Aquarius is also a people person. You make friends easily, yet it is also a trait of Aquarius to often be somewhat superficial in their relationships. You are seldom intimate with your friends or even with your mate, at least emotionally. This is your way of keeping your strong sense of individuality intact. Aquarius can be very detached, any sense of restriction and off you run. Aquarius people are idealists who would like to leave their individual mark upon this world. You are one of the Dreamers of the Zodiac, but most always practical dreamers. Aquarius is creative and imaginative, with real potential for genius. You love the new and the untried and are not averse to experimentation. Aquarius bores very quickly and must always feel stimulated to remain happy. You are kindly, open and honest people, helpful and altruistic. Aquarius usually makes the world a livelier and brighter place.

PISCES SUN: Pisces is a very psychic, spiritual Sign. It is closely aligned with the notion of Karma and Reincarnation. Pisces is also a dualistic Sign, the dualism between Spirit and Matter. Many Pisces have the ability to “read” another person, and all Pisces are highly intuitive. The personality of one born here is very nebulous and at times diffuse. Many times, you have trouble separating your own true feelings from the vibrations of the environment around you. Therefore, a harmonious atmosphere is needed for you to feel secure and at peace emotionally. Here, sensitivity can be a drawback at times. Often, Pisces has trouble saying “no”. You are highly in tune to the suffering of others. Sometimes, you can be most impractical. Pisces needs to discriminate well in their choice of the people they surround themselves with. Symptoms of laziness, negativity and confusion must be combated in order to assure stability and a sense of direction and of purpose. Pisces prefers small groups above large groups of people and sometimes prefers to work alone, if possible. Pisces is a creative Sign and is most imaginative. Among your many creative talents, as a Pisces you would excel as a writer, especially as a poet, a musician, as an artist or photographer, or as an actor. Pisces is mysteriously magnetic, friendly and disarming, and makes a loyal friend. You are also unassuming, generous and unselfish, even self-sacrificing. Most always, this Sign produces kind, sensitive, sympathetic and devoted people who make engaging and dependable companions.

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