*Knowledge is like unto water: It seeks its own level.

*Change is the cardinal Truth: Without change there would be no Life.

*No one knows their true colors until they are reflected by another.

*Knowledge is like unto a beast: It can protect you or devour you.

*True Mastery lies in Paradox: Nothing is more conflicting than the human heart. Master your heart and you find that the Lord and Lady have given. It is then that the true Master is born. It is then that he can truly give back.

*The Mind thinks, the Heart knows.

*There is nothing that the mind does not know. It is only a matter of what the heart suffers it to reveal.

*Life is energy, all energies must adapt to survive and evolve, all else follows: To live is to change, to change is to live.

*The proof of the existence of a thing is in its opposite: Accept the truth of a thing and you expose its opposite, you make it alive.

*Where belief exists, so reality exists: Without belief, all is illusion. Life creates illusions, illusions can come to life, who is to say which is true and which is false. One man’s illusions are many times proven to be another man’s reality for reality is relative, we shape our own realities. Reality shapes us and Life is the one and only constant: Who is to say that we all are but merely Life’s illusions. Who can prove that we are not.

*Thoughts are energies waiting to happen.

*Wise men rise above the shadow of doubt, they acknowledge that the world of Within often shapes that of Without.

*The key to the Future comes from before, held fast in the Past until one opens the door.

*For all who look for the meaning of Life, just in the very act of looking they have found it.

*Time is a river which flows both ways, Man, a creature which counts the days.

*Just when you find something which strikes you as being true, the familiar becomes something which no longer exists as you knew.

*To those who seek the answers of Life Without, they would be better served to seek Truth first Within for many times the Outer World is merely a reflection of the Inner.

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