Astrology, Metaphysics, New Age = Metastrology

The New Age marriage of Astrology and Metaphysics has led to a new modern paradigm: Metastrology. Astrology (and its cousin disciplines: Numerology and Tarot) seeks thru the symbolism of Myth and Archetype to define and explain the human condition. Metaphysics applies both Eastern and Western ancient philosophy and mysticism along with modern Cosmology and Theoretical Physics in the attempt to uncover answers to the ages-old questions of Existence. The Precession of the Equinoxes continues its long, slow inexorable march slowly transitioning us from the previous Age of Pisces, the Age of Faith and Religion into the New Age of Science and Reason, the Age of Aquarius. The mysticism of the East and the rationalism of the West are increasingly showing themselves as being two contrasting sides of the same Cosmic Coin.

Although in many circles formal organized religion is on the decline, the spirituality of the younger generations is markedly on the rise as todays’ youth seek answers to life’s many burning questions concerning their ultimate fate and Raison d’Etre. Spiritual concepts such as karma and reincarnation, once the province mainly of Eastern mysticism, have spread and gained a large and increasing following in the West. Alternately, the Western scientific theories of Relativity and Quantum Physics have proved to rationally substantiate many of the ancient mystical conceptualizations of the East.

Metastrology, therefore, seeks to merge these two contrasting mindsets to bring forward a working synthesis of rational knowledge and intuitive wisdom which encompasses all aspects of Divine Gnosis.       

Intro to Metastrology

Two centuries – old disciplines, each enjoying a degree of resurgence in the New Age movement are the arts and practices of Tarot and Numerology, both of which are presented here. Also, however, finding a greatly enhanced interest and popularity is the ancient art and science of Astrology. These three metaphysical disciplines are the “languages of life” leading a large part of the New Age movement. Truly, interest in metaphysics and mysticism are greatly on the rise. Also, interest in the mystical nature of Man and of Nature and of the Cosmos itself is genuinely on the rise as well. Science and Faith both seek to uncover the elusive Mysteries of Creation. Some of the answers doubtless may be found thru Reason, others however require a more intuitive approach. All three approaches are exercised here: Scientific, Metaphysical and Philosophical. Topics ranging from the mystical and metaphysical microcosm of Man to the nature of Consciousness itself are addressed. Religion/Faith verses Science/Reason: the Age of Pisces verses the Age of Aquarius, is discussed. Some of the Prime Universal Principles of the Cosmos are considered and some of the primary spiritual aspects of Humanity are approached. The intent here is to cover (and uncover) a wide range of the Perennial Wisdom of the Ages.